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Thank you for considering us for your hearing health care needs.  If a physician or friend has referred us to you, it’s because they know you will get an expert evaluation of your hearing, as well as the proper recommendation.

Call our friendly and knowledgeable staff for a private assessment of your hearing.  You should always feel comfortable when you are her.  Our reputation is well established, and there is no pressure tactics.

We are all patients at some time in our life.  We understand that anything new or unfamiliar can cause anxiety at first.  Feel free to bring a friend or family member if it would make you more comfortable.

It’s well established that digital technology is the “gold standard” in hearing aids.  We want to help you understand some factors that are important in choosing a hearing aid.



There are some features that are practically essential.  Features such as directional microphones, digital noise reduction, advanced feedback reduction, automatic speech focus add value to the hearing aid.  Some of these features may add little or no extra cost.  Yet one feature alone can add a whopping 50% improvement hearing in noise.

Other features may be costly and seldom used. Bluetooth connectivity and technical features can be useful to a younger person with many responsibilities.

But a person living a sedate lifestyle may prefer simpler and less costly technology.


Expecting to hear perfectly in all situations is a goal that will set you up for frustration.  Nearly everyone has differing potential in what percentage of improvement they can achieve.  When you learn what to realistically expect, it becomes easier to enjoy the level of improvement you’ve attained.



Hearing aids typically last 5-7 years.  You need to consider replacement costs.

Hearing declines, hearing aids begin to wear and need repair.  Soon it becomes senseless or impossible to repair.



For years we have analyzed all major companies, and the benefit claims of their hearing aids.  Actual user’s comments, satisfaction, and reliability are factored in.  Comparing price and performance, we have been able to accurately determine which products tend to be more effective, or more reliable. 

A recent study measured the cost of improved hearing.  Practices that were ranked lower in abilities and experience were likely to cost the most.  Users were calculated to spend $66. per percentage point of improvement in hearing.  The best practices were able to improve hearing at a cost of $33. per percentage point of improvement.



75 years of combined experience permits us to say “We are experts, with a talent for correcting hearing loss”.  “Ongoing education and training keeps us at the forefront of today’s technologies”.  Other initiatives we have taken come from research into consumer behavior and common sense.


IMPROVED RELIABILITY:  At Gateway, all hearing aids carry a 3yr warranty, 3yr. loss coverage, and 3 year battery supply.  Knowing you have quality devices, backed by the factory and our company adds peace of mind.

EXTENDED TRIAL PERIODS IF NEEDED:  We offer 60-75 day money back trial periods if needed.

Some list a 30 day trial.  This is giving you nothing because state law requires a 30 day trial.

PRICE FLEXIBILITY:  With 300 instruments to choose from, modest but high quality instruments can bring the price down without compromising.  0% interest plans are available.

HOME HEARING EVALUATIONS:  By appointment only.  Call for availability.

SUMMARY:  Again, there are many places one can go for help, but none will offer better care or products.