Hearing Aid Services

Thank you for considering us for your hearing health care needs.  If a physician or friend has referred you, it is because they know you will receive an expert evaluation of your hearing, and the proper recommendation(s).

Call us to schedule an appointment for a private hearing assessment.  Our staff has a reputation for being caring and knowledgeable.  You should always feel comfortable at your appointment here.  There are no sales gimmicks or high-pressure tactics.  Our reputation is well established, we are independent--not employees of a manufacturer.

We are all patients at some time in our lives, and we understand any new treatment can cause some anxiety.  

We will see you as soon as possible.  Emergency visits are available.  We are open later two evenings a week and Saturday by appointment.

When You Should Call Immediately

  • You experience a sudden decline in your hearing.
  • Your hearing aid is not performing normally.
  • You are experiencing pain or drainage from your ears.
  • You wear a hearing aid and it emits a constant high pitch (feedback).

When You Should Schedule an Appointment

Hearing Test

Gateway Hearing Solutions is your gateway to hearing and communicating better. You’ll find our Audiologists and Hearing Aid Specialists provide a full range of audiology services. With two convenient locations, Gateway Hearing is close by and ready to serve you. From your initial visit to follow-ups for maintenance, we want your experience to be as stress-free as possible. Here’s what to expect as part of a hearing evaluation:

Case History:

Your hearing evaluation will always begin with a complete review of your medical history. We’ll listen closely as you identify the situations in which you find hearing to be a challenge and share your concerns about what you may be missing.


This painless examination lets the hearing professional see the auditory canal to ensure that your hearing loss isn’t caused by excess earwax or deformity.


Your tympanic membrane (the eardrum) is tested to determine if it is performing correctly. This painless procedure is performed by inserting a rubber tipped probe in your ear and changing the pressure in your ear. The results are charted on a tympanogram.


Pure-tone audiometry tests the ability of each ear to hear individually. This test is performed while you wear headphones. Audiometry is used to ascertain the lowest level at which you can detect a tone. In addition, speech recognition is tested. Your results along with the results of the otoscopy and tympanometry will identify the nature and degree of any hearing loss.


If hearing aids will help you hear better, we’ll let you see how they can assist you. This demonstration gives you an idea of how hearing aids can improve your ability to hear.


Which hearing aid is right for you? With so many styles and features available, it can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, we will match your hearing needs, lifestyle, budget and cosmetic concerns with the technology available to make sure you get the right equipment for you.

Hearing Aid Dispensing & Fitting:

Once your hearing aids are received from the factory, you’ll come back for a fitting session. During this time, our hearing professionals will use a variety of methods to ensure that your hearing aids are fined tuned for your needs. In addition, we’ll teach you how to insert and remove your devices as well as care for them. Feel free to bring a friend or family member along to this appointment. 

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Other Services: 

Gateway Hearing does much more than just sell hearing aids. Turn to us for all of your hearing assistance and protection needs.

Repairs & service:    

The ear has been labled as a “hostile environment for electronics.”   Temperatures in the ear have been measured in excess of  100 degrees with high humidity. Today hearing aids are moisture resistant, but still require service and cleaning minimally twice a year.  There is no charge for these services.  80% of the problems are solved right in the office.

Tinnitus Evaluation and Management:

Tinnitus can be more than just annoying, it can negatively impact your quality of life. In-ear tinnitus masking devices and management therapy can make living with tinnitus much easier. 

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Hearing aids require powerful batteries. These batteries must be changed frequently. You will always find fresh batteries at Gateway Hearing at an affordable price. 

Cerumen Removal:

Earwax shouldn’t build up in your ears or on your hearing aids. If you need assistance with removing impacted and hardened earwax we can help. We clean ears and hearing aids too.

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Earmolds and Earplugs:

Certain styles of hearing aids require an earmold. We custom make earmolds to fit comfortably and prevent annoying feedback. Custom earplugs provide superior protection against noise and are much more comfortable to wear. 

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Musician's Earmolds and Earplugs:

Musicians have special hearing needs. They must be able to hear sounds to perform properly, but those very sounds can be at damaging levels. The solution is custom earmolds, earplugs and monitors. These allow the sounds you need to hear to come through but at lower decibels. You don’t sacrifice sound quality for noise protection. 

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Hearing Aid Repairs & Maintenance

Accidents happen. When they do, it’s good to know that Gateway Hearing has you covered. Most repairs can be performed in the office, while you wait. If your hearing aids need to be returned to the factory for repair, we’ll take care of that for you too. We encourage you to come in twice a year for a complimentary deep cleaning. 

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