Advanced Bionics


Advanced Bionics provides the world’s most advanced cochlear implant system to help you or your loved one hear again—or experience the joy of sound for the first time.

Hearing loss affects millions of people of all ages around the world. For many, hearing aids provide a viable solution, but if you or a loved one experience significant hearing loss, hearing aids may offer little or no benefit.

That’s when it’s time to consider cochlear implants, a medical device technology that thousands of people around the world rely on, as a way to restore hearing.


What is a Cochlear Implant?

A cochlear implant is a highly advanced medical device and the only technology that is capable of functionally restoring one of the five senses.

Cochlear implants provide an effective alternative to hearing aids because they don’t use amplification. Instead, they bypass the damaged part of the ear and use electrical stimulation to enable you to hear.

AB sound processors incorporate sophisticated, cutting-edge technology and sound processing to keep you hearing your best in real-world conditions. Enjoy the best possible hearing in noise, while listening to music—even while in or under the water! Advanced Bionics offers the industry’s most flexible wearing styles to meet your or your child’s needs.


Cochlear implants from Advanced Bionics are…

•  Designed to help you hear in noisy settings, from bustling restaurants to busy airports.

•  Compatible with cell phones, MP3 players and other audio devices. Talk on the phone or sing along to your favorite song!

•  Easy to use… there’s no need to fumble with tiny batteries, dials, switches or remote controls.

•  Flexible, with different wearing options to suit your needs, from a lightweight on-the-ear option to a discreet processor that can be concealed under clothing with nothing worn on the ear at all.

•  Eco-friendly, with rechargeable batteries that are easy to operate and last for years.


HiRes Ultra Cochlear Implant

The HiRes™ Ultra cochlear implant features the thinnest implant profile from AB and is built on the proven HiRes electronics technology. The discreet package requires minimal drilling, making it suitable for all implant recipients — adults and children — and exceeds industry standard for impact resistance.

The HiRes Ultra features the HiFocus™ Mid-Scala electrode, designed to protect the delicate structures of the cochlea and to suit individual patient anatomy and surgical preferences for the best possible hearing outcomes. Choosing AB allows you or your child to benefit from tomorrow’s technology with today’s implant.


Naída CI – Bring on the Performance

The Naída CI Q Series of sound processors from Advanced Bionics provide unique, groundbreaking features that help you to effortlessly hear better in any environment. The technologies of AB and Phonak, the innovation leaders in cochlear implants and hearing aids, have evolved to provide advantages no other manufacturer can match. Naída CI sound processors combine new features never before seen in a cochlear implant system with proven, unique solutions for the best possible hearing wherever you go.


Support You Can Rely On

Advanced Bionics offers the lifelong service support you need to help you hear your best. AB’s online resources and qualified support team address your needs to continually meet your needs and expectations.