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Hearing Resources

Even mild hearing loss or tinnitus can negatively impact your quality of life. Don’t let fear stop you from getting the help you need. Gateway Hearing Solutions believes a successful outcome begins with an informed patient. Take time to review the information we’ve gathered to help you understand hearing loss, hearing aids and tinnitus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find a helpful compilation of answers to the questions we are most frequently asked about hearing, hearing aids and tinnitus. 

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Binaural hearing

It takes two ears and one brain to properly process sound. Find out why wearing two hearing aids is important to accurately identify sounds, their direction, and process their meaning.

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Workplace Hearing Loss

Effective hearing is crucial for effective communication. Don’t let hearing loss affect your job performance or income. Learn how hearing affects your employment opportunities and outcomes.

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What you should expect from hearing aids

Hearing aids can’t restore lost hearing. It’s important to have realistic expectations and understand the process of adapting to wearing hearing aids. Find out more about what you should expect in the first 30 days.

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Effective Communication Strategies

Even people with perfect hearing still miss a bit of conversation from time to time. Use these strategies to improve your ability to understand speech when you have hearing loss.

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Diseases and Hearing Loss

Don’t let hearing loss increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes, dementia or kidney disease. Find out how undiagnosed or untreated hearing loss can be detrimental to your physical and mental health.

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How Hearing Aids Work

While there are many different styles of hearing aids, they all basically work in the same manner. Understand how hearing aids capture, amplify, and process the sounds in your environment to help you hear better.

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How Hearing Works

Understanding how the ear works and how we hear is essential to not only properly diagnosing a hearing problem, but also recommending the best treatment for your particular needs.

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Degrees of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss impacts people differently and can be mild, moderate, moderately-severe, severe or profound in degree. Understanding the severity of hearing loss is crucial to developing the best approach to treatment.

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Impacts of Untreated Hearing Loss

An overview of the adverse social, psychological, cognitive and health effects that come with untreated hearing loss.

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Tinnitus is commonly described as a ringing-in-the-ears sensation. This buzzing, whooshing or hissing is generally not caused by an external source and is often caused by hearing loss or other health issues. Seeking treatment from a hearing professional is essential in diagnosing and treating tinnitus.

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Video Library

We provide a library of videos to educate you on hearing aids, hearing aid maintenance and what to expect from a hearing test.

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