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Robert F. Gould
Board Certified – Hearing Instrument Science

I began dispensing hearing aids about 35 years ago. “At the time I began, there was controversy over who should fit hearing aids. My training was in fitting hearing aids. Audiologists who dispensed hearing aids faced the charge of “being unethical” even from their peers.

Over the course of time I estimate solving between 150,000-200-000 problems. If you have a difficult to fit hearing loss, you would see me. Likely, I have solved many problems similar to yours. Most problems are solved here in our  office, either through repair or reprogramming.

Good hearing is important to your life and to those you love. Your safety, success at work, and overall health in general is linked to your hearing. Cognitive issues can arise as a result of hearing impairment.  If you have a hearing problem now, your decision now will impact your life as you age.

Dr. Holly Puleo

Dr. Holly Puleo joined our staff about 20 years ago. Holly’s interest in hearing disorders led to her receiving her masters Degree in Audiology from the University of Rhode Island. She followed up her studies further, receiving her Doctorate degree shortly after.

Dr. Puleo has worked with several Ear, Nose & Throat physicians in Rhode Island. This has given her considerable and valuable diagnostic experience. She finds the greatest opportunity to impact lives for the better by using her knowledge and skills in dispensing hearing aids.

Holly is sincerely interested in people, patient and kind. This is reflected in the extraordinary effort put into the success of her fittings. She shares our goal of long-term happiness for her many loyal patients.

In commenting on the rapid changes in hearing technology, Holly stated; “When I became an audiologist, technology was more basic, and the choices simpler. Now with emerging advances in the field, it truly has been a wonderful and exciting time to share in the expansion of this field.”

William Douglas Wear
Board Certified Hearing Aid Dispenser

Doug epitomizes integrity and a solid work ethic with his patients. He has the ability to take the fears or anxieties away for those who are nervous. His patience is unlimited. Doug has been with us for nearly 27 years and is fully qualified to assist you in any hearing health care need. Doug is able to help budget-minded individuals and can help arrange financing.

Sandra Wear
Office Manager

Sandra is responsible for arranging patient care for our offices. We handle thousands of calls and office visits annually. Sandra seems to have the unique gift of remembering our patients and making them feel comfortable.  She has been with us now for over 30 years,  becoming an integral part of our system. Whether it’s an issue about insurance benefits, or general hearing advice, Sandra is always happy to help you.