The Impact Of Hearing Loss In The Workplace

“People are losing their hearing earlier and staying in the workforce longer,” says Sergei Kochkin, executive director of the Better Hearing Institute. “In today’s tough job market hearing your best is essential for career success.”

Hearing is critical to effective communication in the workforce. Most jobs require proficiency in communication in dealing with the public and with co-workers. Poor hearing may be critical to safety on the job. The ability to hear and listen well enables employees to understand job instructions—increasing production. Misunderstandings can result in mistakes on the job, missed deadlines, and unhappy customers.

Consequently people with untreated hearing loss may see their income decrease according to the survey by the Better Hearing Institute. The loss to the more than 34 million Americans affected is estimated at 176 billion dollars.

In the study, those with unaided severe hearing loss had unemployment rates nearly double that of their peers. Hearing aids remain the optimum treatment for the vast majority of those with hearing loss. Yet, only half of all people with hearing loss have ever had their hearing professionally checked.

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