The Link Between Chronic Disease and Hearing Loss

Are you at risk?

Emerging research shows that hearing loss often coexists with heart disease, diabetes, and kidney disease.  More recent studies at John Hopkins School of Medicine link hearing loss with increased chances of dementia.

You should know some of the consequences of inaction or untreated loss.

Hearing loss leads to memory issues.  It reduces your ability to learn new tasks. Other side effects include depression, reduced alertness, irritability, anger, fatigue and tension.  Hearing loss is also tied to a threefold chance of falling. (NIH) National Institute of Health

More recent studies at John Hopkins School of Medicine now include the increased likelihood of dementia.  Someone with a mild loss has twice the likelihood.  One with a moderate loss is three times as likely to experience dementia.  Finally a severe loss makes you five times more likely to experience dementia.

Very few doctors screen your hearing. When presented with these findings a prominent physician stated “I was not aware of the seriousness of hearing loss and the potential for hearing aids to alleviate the problem.  Every doctor in the world must be made aware of these findings!