Aural Rehabilitation

Aural Rehabilitation describes the process of helping you adjust to life with hearing instruments. Naturally, you will notice improved hearing immediately. As time goes on, you will do better as word recognition continues to improve. At first your brain can’t fully make use of some “re-acquired sounds,“ because receptors for key frequencies have been inactive.

Studies reveal that understanding climbs progressively as your brain re-forms neural links. It’s helpful to understand what is taking place. Hearing has a large bearing on your cognitive functions.

Wear them consistently

If you don’t wear the instruments regularly, as recommended, your adjustment can be delayed. The goal is hearing clearly, and naturally. Those who wear them once or twice a week miss out on the sound and feeling of natural hearing.

Increased Sound Levels

Most hearing loss is so gradual that even poor hearing sounds normal to you. As you begin to hear others better, you should notice other sounds being louder than you remember. Examples: (own voice, running water, paper etc.).

As you adapt to improved hearing, unwanted sounds no longer seem strange or different. Almost always, you will appreciate the gift of hearing and agree better hearing is worth a short rehabilitation period.