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Dr. Holly Puleo


Meet Dr. Holly Puleo

Dr. Holly Puleo joined our staff about 20 years ago. Holly’s interest in hearing disorders led to her receiving her masters Degree in Audiology from the University of Rhode Island. She followed up her studies further, receiving her Doctorate degree shortly after.

Dr. Puleo has worked with several Ear, Nose & Throat physicians in Rhode Island. This has given her considerable and valuable diagnostic experience. She finds the greatest opportunity to impact lives for the better by using her knowledge and skills in dispensing hearing aids.

Holly is sincerely interested in people, patient and kind. This is reflected in the extraordinary effort put into the success of her fittings. She shares our goal of long-term happiness for her many loyal patients.

In commenting on the rapid changes in hearing technology, Holly stated; “When I became an audiologist, technology was more basic, and the choices simpler. Now with emerging advances in the field, it truly has been a wonderful and exciting time to share in the expansion of this field.”