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Welcome to Gateway Hearing Solutions

Hearing is an essential way in which we communicate and connect with the people around us. When you lose your ability to hear, it can have a negative impact on your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.

At Gateway Hearing Solutions, we provide expert, patient-centered care for adults of all ages. We want to help you regain your confidence through improved hearing. Whether you are looking to have your hearing evaluated, you are interested in the latest hearing technology, or you have another hearing disorder that concerns you, we can help you.

Why Choose Gateway Hearing Solutions?

Our hearing clinic was established over 30 years ago. We value our reputation in the community and always do our best to get our patients in when they need assistance. With two convenient office locations in East Providence and Warwick, we are able to provide a high level of care to the people of Rhode Island.  

Some of the reasons our patients continue to see us and recommend their loves ones are because we provide:

What to Expect at Your First Appointment

When you come to Gateway Hearing Solutions, you will always be greeted by a friendly face. Your initial hearing evaluation will last about 1 hour in length. We strongly encourage you to bring a family member with you. Hearing loss is a family issue, and it helps to have another supportive person at the appointment to help you understand the information.

Step 1

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When you arrive, you will fill out an intake form. Our hearing specialists will go over the intake form with you and have a discussion to better understand what your hearing needs are.

Step 2

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We will perform an ear exam by looking inside your ears at the ear canal and eardrum. We want to ensure there is no impacted earwax or ear infection that is affecting your hearing.

Step 3

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Then we perform a series of hearing tests to measure your ability to hear various sounds at different pitches and frequencies.

Step 4

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We will go over the results of your audiogram and recommend some options we believe will best help you hear better.

Preferred Provider of the NFL Players Association

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Gateway Hearing Solutions is a preferred hearing care provider for the NFL Players Association Professional Athletes Foundation. Through this partnership, the PAF aims to bring better hearing to former professional athletes and their fans across the nation. Together, we spread awareness, help players in need of hearing care, and collected data on the connection between hearing loss and professional football.

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