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Our staff will fit you with hearing aids and provide you with the best hearing healthcare. Welcome audiologist Lisa Janicki! She brings over 20 years of experience in diagnostic and rehabilitative audiology to our East Providence location.

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The Link Between Chronic Disease and Hearing Loss:

Are you at risk?

If you have untreated loss you should be aware of the potential consequence of delaying treatment. Hearing loss affects memory, alertness is reduced, and your ability to learn new tasks lessens. You are more likely to suffer depression, irritability, anger, fatigue, and tension. High frequency loss increases the chance of falling.

Now, emerging research from John Hopkins School of Medicine reveals up to fivefold chance of developing dementia. Very few doctors screen your hearing. When presented with these findings a prominent physician stated, “I was not aware of the seriousness of hearing loss and the potential for hearing aids to alleviate the problem. Every doctor in the world must be made aware of these findings!”

Hearing Aids a Starting Point?

Dr. Frank Lin, PhD, director of the study at John Hopkins, acknowledged the reasons for the correlation is not yet understood. He said “if you have hearing loss, it makes sense to get tested”. Hearing loss, and or cognitive problems cause a diminished quality of life.

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Where Should You Get Help?

If there are both hearing loss and cognitive difficulties there are specific technologies that can help make it easier to use hearing help more effectively. Specialized technologies and settings, along with the certain microphones would be important. Also, the bandwidth and amount of compression can alter the results.

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60% / 40% Rule

In an average fitting, the skills of your dispenser account for 60% of the success and the hearing instrument account for the remaining 40%. It’s like a school out there. Some are brighter and work harder; therefore they are getting A’s. Others are barely getting by at the bottom of the class.

Can I Save on the Internet?

Today the main consumer action on the internet is searching for healthcare information. Each year millions of inquiries are received on the topic of hearing loss and hearing aids. Along with the valuable information, there are businesses who interpret this to mean amplifiers and hearing aids are the same. If you purchase their amplifier you will be content.

There is no substitute for the right help. The FDA cautions that these devices aren’t designed for people with hearing loss.

With a small office or table, a telephone, and web page, salesmen pose as “professional hearing consultants“. Testing begins with an otoscopic examination of your ear canal to be certain there is no wax or abnormalities. To earn the right to do that you must be licensed by the state in which you conduct business.

Dispenser’s Knowledge and Skills

An expensive hearing aid alone will not completely solve a problem. Poor programming will reduce the value considerably. By the same token, someone who is bright, motivated, and experienced will have developed the skills that can uplift an ordinary instrument into one that outperforms far more expensive ones. How do I know? I do it all the time.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Problems often start when you first pick up the phone to schedule an appointment for a hearing test. Choices can be flawed by the following reasons:

  • Choosing a device because of the size only.
  • Selecting an instrument because it was inexpensive.
  • Going to the office nearest you. (It’s a Rhode Island thing).
  • Accepting the recommendation from a manufacturer’s employee, failing to consider the obvious conflict of interest.

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Our Invitation

We have a surefire way to help you reach your hearing goals while staying close to or within budget. Is that worth an hour or so of your time? We believe it is.

We can’t help solve your problem or quote a price on the phone. If you can’t spare an hour or so for a consultation, please call us when you can. We care about our patients. We treasure our reputation in the community. Some vendors are good, but none are better. One thing we absolutely guarantee — nobody will take better care of you.

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